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Surf Therapy Globally

Surf therapy is currently being used all around the world and plays a significant role globally in
improving peoples’ health and well-being.
Target groups include, but are not limited to:

  •  disadvantaged children and youth

  •  people struggling with addictions

  •  people with autism spectrum disorder

  •  people previously incarcerated

  •  people with physical impairments

  •  people with post-traumatic stress disorder

  •  people with depression or other forms of mental illness.

The last six years have seen a rapid increase in the use of surfing as therapy for vulnerable
populations. However, until now, surf therapy organisations around the world have operated
primarily alone.

The  International Surf Therapy Organization (ISTO)  is a collective of the world’s
leading surf therapy proponents, researchers and influencers working together to share best
practice, collaborate on research, and advocate the benefits of surf therapy. Established in
October 2017, ISTO’s goal is to enable more people in need to access safe surf therapy
programmes globally, and for surf therapy to become a widely accepted evidence-based form of
care. ISTO collaborates to help change the lives of individuals using surf therapy to positively
impact physical and mental well-being.

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